Sean Taylor gigs

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Photo by Peter Robinson

Please see below for a list of Sean Taylor gigs. For tickets and information about the venues, just follow the link provided.


  • January 19th (UK) London @ Borderline (with Dr Feelgood) Tickets
  • January 28th (UK) London @ Nells (with Larry Campbell  & Teresa Williams) Tickets (Concession Tickets) 
  • February 2nd (Denmark)Vejle @ Bygningen Tickets
  • February 3rd (Denmark) Aabenraa @ Nygadehuset Tickets
  • February 17th (France) Auxerre @ Le Silex (With King King) Tickets
  • March 3rd (UK) Chesham @ The Drawingroom Tickets
  • March 6th (UK) Birmingham @ Kitchen Garden Cafe Tickets
  • March 7th (UK) York @  Pocklington Arts Centre Tickets  
  • March 8th (UK) Bury, (near Manchester) @ The Met Tickets
  • March 10th (UK) Sheffield @ The Greystones Tickets
  • April 5th (Germany)  Berlin @  Art stalker Tickets
  • April 6th (Germany) Leipzip @  Pistrada Tickets
  • April 7th (Germany) Dresden @  Blue Note Tickets
  • April 12th Germany) Koln @ Torburg Tickets  
  • April 13th (Germany) Braunschweig @ DRK-Kaufbar Tickets  
  • April 14th (Germany) Hagen @ Treffpunkt Aufschlag Tickets
  • April 15th (Germany) Remscheild @ Rack n Roll Tickets  
  • April 20th (Denmark) Bornholm @ SV: Svanekegaarden Tickets
  • April 21st (Denmark) Bornholm @  SV: Svanekegaarden (second date TBC) 
  • April 27th  (Denmark) Torvet @ Cafeen På Torvet Tickets
  • 28th April 28th TBC (Denmark)
  • June 13th (Germany) Blues Fest @ Ingolstadt 
  • July 21st (UK) Penrith @ Alston Moor Festival Tickets 
  • September 3rd (Germany) Husum @ Kajuete 1876 Tickets
  • September 4th (Germany) Emden @  Einstein Tickets
  • September 5th (Germany) Roedermark @ Red Rooster Blues Club Tickets 
  • September 6th (Germany) Koln @ Lichtung Tickets
  • September 7th (Luxembourg) Bereldange @ Spirit Of Music Tickets
  • September 8th (Holland) Nederweert @ 'Theater Boerderik' Tickets  
  • September 13th (Germany) Gottingen @ Timberjacks Tickets
  • September 15th (Germany) Berlin @ Cafe Tasso Tickets
  • September 18th Germany) Osnabruck @  Zauber Tickets
  • September 20th (Holland) Steyl Jochum Hof @  'De Speel Plaats' Email tickets
  • September 21st (Holland)  Koudekerk @ Trouble Tree Concerts Tickets
  • September 22nd (Holland) Boskoop @ 'The Stables'  Tickets
  • October 9th (Holland) Den Bosch @ Blue Room Sessions Tickets
  • October 10th (Germany) Witten @ Ku Klock Email tickets
  • October 12th (Germany) Wiehl @ Artfarm Tickets
  • October 14th (Belgium) Brussels @ Pianocktail  (afternoon gig) Tickets
  • October 18th (Germany) Neuss @ Partytur Tickets
  • October 19th (Germany)  Detmold @ 'Kaiserkeller' Email  tickets
  • October 20th  (Holland) Nijmegen @ Cozy Concerts Tickets
  • October 21st (Holland) Groningen @ Peter en Leni (Holland) Tickets
  • October 26th (Germany) Salem Baden @  Cafe Landei Tickets
  • October 27th TBC (Germany) Salem, Baden
  • October 28th (Germany) Frieburg @ Gallagher's Nest Tickets
  • November 3rd (UK) Wooton Under Edge @ Under The Edge Arts Centre Tickets
  • November 21st (Germany) Munich @ Glockenbachwerkstatt/Fish`n Blues Tickets  
  • November 22nd (Germany) Munich @ Bergschmiede  Tickets
  • November 23rd (Germany) Muehlstrasse Booking  @ Leipzig  Tickets
  • November 24th (Germany) Homburg (Saar) @ Mandy's Lounge Tickets
  • November 25th (Germany) Helmbrechts @ Filmwerk-Helmbrechts  Tickets 
  • November 29th (Germany) Gottingen @ Timberjacks  Tickets
  • November 30th (Germany) Bonn @ Cowico  Tickets
  • December 4th (Germany) Wuppertal @ Viertal Bar Tickets  
  • December 6th (Germany) Eppstein @ Wunderbar Weite Welt Tickets 
  • December 7th (Germany) Waldenburg @ Gleis 1, Tickets

More information on gigs

For the latest information on Sean's gigs, make sure you follow him on Facebook and Twitter, where they are regularly announced.