Sean Taylor gigs

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Photo by Peter Robinson

Please see below for a list of Sean Taylor gigs. For tickets and information about the venues, just follow the link provided.


  • March 15th (France) PAMIERS @ Les Nuits Des Blues Tickets

  • March 27th (Germany) KOLN @ Circulo Machado Tickets

  • March 28th (Germany) WERMELSKIRCHEN @ Kultin Tickets

  • March 29th (Germany) DRESDEN @ Blue Note Tickets

  • March 30th (Germany) HESSEN @ Sofa Concerts fur Jederman Tickets

  • April 2nd (UK) COULSDON @ Tuesday Night Music Club Tickets

  • April 6th (UK) BARRY (Wales) @ Roots N’ All Tickets

  • April 7th (UK) BIRMINGHAM @ Kitchen Garden Cafe Tickets

  • April 14th (UK) BOWNES BAY @ Bowness Bay Blues Festival Tickets

  • April - 17th-28th (Italy) - Italian tour

  • April 17th (Italy) PADOVA @ Sherwood Open Live Tickets

  • April 18th (Italy) TORINO @ L'Arteficio Tickets

  • April 21st (Italy) MONTECAROTTO @ Osteria Sotto Le Mura Tickets

  • April 24th (Italy) SUCCIVO @ Sfoglia Atella Lab Tickets

  • April 25th (Italy) CHIETI @ Primo Tickets

  • April 26th (Italy) BARI @ Joys Pub Tickets

  • April 28th (Italy) BATTIPAGLIA @ Monkey Tickets

  • May 2nd (UK) LONDON @ Green Note Tickets

  • May 3rd (UK) ULVERSTON @ Ulverston Sports Club Tickets

  • May 25th (UK) KENT @ Small World Festival Tickets

  • June 1st (France) TBC festival

  • July 14th (Germany) GARBSEN @ Blues Matinee Tickets (band gig)

  • September 6th (UK) BATTLE @ Big Green Cardigan Tickets (band gig)

More information on gigs

For the latest information on Sean's gigs, make sure you follow him on Facebook and Twitter, where they are regularly announced.