Sean Taylor new single out now

It's Sean Taylor. How's it going? I hope all is well.
Today my debut single 'London' (featuring Danny Thompson) is released on ITunes & Amazon
I will be playing a few shows with Danny in October 

There has already been an incredible reaction to 'London'. It was played on Bob Harris' BBC Radio 2 show, Folk Radio UK, on Resonance FM, Raven N Blues, Roots N Branches & TunAtheday. It was also featured on The Londonist website

This is the story behind the song:  

I began writing my debut single 'London' on a rainy Soho evening. It is a celebration of my hometown and the neon glitter of the London night. As the song unfolds we are taken on an all-night trip from the West End to Brixton, passing through Terry and Julie’s ‘Waterloo Sunset’ en route.
The song was completed in Austin, Texas, with producer Mark Hallman (Carole King, Ani-Di Franco) in a late night recording session laced with whiskey.

Once the song was written and recorded it was missing one thing: double bass legend Danny Thompson    (John Martyn, Nick Drake, and Pentangle) one of the most incredible musicians ever.

The B-side is the blues inflected Love Bleeds; another new song featuring soaring blues harmonica and funky guitar.

My new album 'Chase The Night' is released in September. Pre-order here  ...

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