Merry Christmas from Sean Taylor

Hello friends

It's Sean Taylor ...  

My album 'Love Against Death' has just been named one of the top 8 albums of 2012 by Guitar and Bass magazine who described it as ''upbeat magic and hazy brilliance''

2012 has been a great year for me and 2013 is shaping up to be my biggest year yet ...
I have just come back from recording my next album in Austin, Texas with the incredible producer Mark Hallman  (Carole King, Ani Di Franco). We recorded 13 songs in total and the album will be released next year ... I will also be touring Holland and Australia as well as the UK

I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ...



UK tour kicks off on Thursday 25 October

Hello all

It's Sean Taylor... I hope all is well...

Just a reminder that my UK tour kicks off next Thursday (25th October). You'll find all the dates and links to tickets on the gigs page of my website.

You might like to read a review of my performance at the Harvest Time Blues Festival in Monaghan last month by Blues Revue:

Sean Taylor, the highly acclaimed singer, lyricist, and guitarist from Kilburn, London, was a tour de force and the best acoustic performer at the festival by a mile. Blues Matters' review of Love Against Death, his latest album, recorded in Austin, Texas, concluded, "Every note is musical perfection." Comparisons with the veteran folk/blues singer Michael Chapman are inevitable, but Taylor has an even harder political edge. On "Stand Up" he makes the impassioned plea, "People of the world we have to unite / For the flame of the love we have to ignite / Wipe away the poverty, wipe away the greed / I'd rather die on my feet than live here on my knees." Another highlight was the arrangement of "Raglan Road," inspired by the Irish poet Patrick Kavanagh. Lighter material included an innovative shuffle version of "Sixteen Tons," Texas boogies, "psychedelic blues," and a gentle interpretation of Skip James' "Hard Times." Taylor has a mellifluous voice, at times almost a whisper, with an incredible range when required, such as the anguish and heartache expressed during Richie Haven's "Freedom." Exquisite piano playing was evident on "Biddy Mulligan's," a tribute to the former Kilburn pub but it is Sean's guitar craftsmanship which sets him apart, with beautiful slide technique and the innovative use of capos to produce a distinctive sound and unique style.

That will do nicely!!!

The tour dates are here - share, share and share some more.

See you on the road.