Sean Taylor - new album 'Chase The Night' out now

My new album is released on Monday you can order here  ...  The  tour is in full swing with lots of shows coming up See here  ... There has already been a great response to the album 

Chase The Night is the best album I have ever made. below is the story of how it came to be

'The Sun went down, the smoke rose up, as from
          A half-unquench’d volcano, o’er as space
Which well beseem’d the ‘Devil’s drawing room’
                                                                                     - George Byron ‘Arriving at London’

‘Chase The Night’ is a lyric for London, a poem for the polis and an ode to the ocean of lights burning eternal.  Bless the wild of the night, bless the flame in your eyes, our spirits are defined by the poetry of the night.

The album was born with me in London. It is a celebration of my home - from the drinkers of Kilburn, to the ravers of Brixton, from the bohemia of Camden, to the golden glow of the Thames.
I write this as night curls around Primrose Hill with a view over the valley and sparkles like a thousand fire flies. Beneath a light drizzle that reflects on the street with a smear of cars blurred amber in the falling glow. Below us the landmarks of London stand tall as ever - St Paul’s, the London Eye, the BT Tower, Canary Wharf, the broken Shard, and the city that never rests.

This album is written through the prism of my life as a troubadour, travelling from town to town finding stories for the songs. As night buses begin to weave their way through the London streets a thousand melodies begin and end with every breath.

The album was recorded with producer Mark Hallman (Carole King, Ani-DiFranco & Eliza Gilkyson) in Austin, Texas. It features the legendary Danny Thompson (John Martyn, Nick Drake, Pentangle) on double bass.

‘Chase The Night’ is the album I have always wanted to make. It is about who I am and where I’m from 
It is dedicated to the poets, the lovers, and the dreamers. Every angel headed hipster seeking truth in beauty, rave on.



a thumbprint of moon

impressed into a corner 

of cold turquoise sky


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