Italian tour

Ciao friends
I am delighted to announce my debut tour of Italy begins tomorrow. Gig list here and poster at the bottom of this mail.

I am about to put new strings on my guitar, bags (nearly) packed and of course I went to my favourite guitar nail salon in Kilburn to get my acrylic nails which may look frightening but I cannot play without them.

The tour has been incredible so far with great shows all around Europe. I have met lots of beautiful people and played at some magical places. A huge thanks goes out to the venues and fans who support live music and make the world a better place.

I have spent lots of time travelling on trains and planes writing a bunch of new songs whilst listening to my new album mixes. The album will be released next year but I am currently working on a few NEW videos with some my favourite filmaker pals Colm McCarthy and Shaun Day at Reel News … More info to follow on this in the coming months. Exciting …

You can follow my tour updates on Instagram here and Facebook here

Lots of gigs coming up in Germany, Holland, Italy and the UK run starts in November … See here

The music here and website here
Sean x