Sean Taylor - Troubadour (New single & new video)

Hello friends

I'm pleased to announce the first single from the new album ... The song is called 'Troubadour' and is the story of my life as a travelling musician ... Here is a new video by the amazing Shaun Day 

Below are the lyrics written on the back of various train journeys to gigs around the Europe and the UK

Sean Taylor - Troubadour


Following the trail but coming off the rails 

Share with you all this troubadour's tale
Stretching out the time walk the borderline 

Between love and fear and death and all that is alive 

Singing yeah, yeah. yeah 

Darlin are you ok? I said I'm right as rain 

As long as you're by my side walking down the way 

Poems will renew as cold morning dew 

Leaves diamonds all over the horizon just for you 

Singing yeah, yeah. yeah  

The only ones for me are too alive to live 

Smiles, highs and lies are all that we can give 

Come on darlin come on out tonight 

We will burn so hard and burn so bright 

Singing yeah, yeah. yeah  

All I want is the freedom to walk away 

Ride the road, the rail each and every day 

With a guitar on my back and an old fedora hat 

Troubadour's adventure takes you there and back 

Singing yeah, yeah. yeah

Sean Taylor - Blacklist Number 1

Hello friends
I have just released a campaign single 'Blacklist Number 1'. The song is in support of the protest against blacklisting - where companies target trade unionists and stop them getting work.
Here is the link to the video 

The single is available for download here ... All the money goes back into the campaign. Read more here

Peace & solidarity 

Sean x