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River is a poem for the polis, a lyric for London and is Sean's first spoken word piece. The video is directed by Colm McCarthy. You'll find lyrics below the video too.


Sweet Thames, hold until I end my song
I am a part of this neon city
With its closed doors and stories inside
The game of chance casts a glance
As sirens wail like saxophones
Where the women buzz
In crowded pubs and clubs
We are chained to the flow of the river
With its amphetamine beat that
Shakes the golden sky of Camden
I’m just another Londoner looking in

This is my River
This is our daily bread

Night bus temptations late night radio stations
Colour every inch of my nocturnal spirit
Tramps in doorways burn the all night flame
They live true and pure free of ownership
They are themselves as stars
As the stars beneath Chalk Farm
Pour out onto the street

The next indie band in their indie chic
Play for days
Blasting music along Parkway
Where Dublin’s Castle rides the hill
While the kings and the queens of every generation
Try to outrun the hurricane until it stops

This is my River
This is our daily bread

These words are all I have
A thing of beauty is a joy forever
This city burns and rages forever
All daytime offers is beer garden weather
Now sweat drips and moods change
While the suits sleep like babies
There is no sleep for bohemian angels of the night
In  the name of the polis
Return me to the source of the current
Where sparks coat the heart of the Saturday night
With drunks and hustlers
Dealers and dreamers
Every merry wanderer of the night
In  powder-coated white
Poets and singers shelter inside the storm
Taking shots at reason
Like comets which beatify the sky  
Rare doses of salvation as the cosmos unravels
The road is our birth our life and our death

This is my River
This is our daily bread

As we sit on top of Primrose Hill
London is an ocean of lights burning eternal
Lovers in bushes MDMA rushes
The feel of the wet grass in clutched hands
You see her ankle tattoo
An invitation to the blues
Spectre of wishes fury-fused kisses
Heartbreak wishes drunken kisses
Hangover wishes

The sky cracks and daytime chases love
It leaves no one behind
No matter how fast I run
This city will always be home
Even when it scares me
I’m lost in the sea of souls
Some of them alive but most of them dead

This my River
This is our daily bread

Sweet Thames, hold until I end my song
Rush hour crowds valium eyes disconnect
Pour onto industrial machines
Thirteen years previous millennium night
Millions decorated the streets of London
Over Wordsworth’s heavenly Bridge
As fireworks tear open the sky of London
I can still taste my first kiss
In a Brixton rave with wide eyes and smiles
Before the first train of tomorrow’s day
Take me home

The Thames twists around London
And I curl around your beauty
As the dawn becomes tangled with darkness
Jagged as a new day
As eyes roll backwards
The walls groan and hands tremble
We are freedom defined
All will be fine
No need for fear or worry
It’s just a ride

This is my River
This is our daily bread

These words are all I have